12mm Tru-Wood XL with AtroGuard Technology AC5 Class 33 V-GROOVE




Floor Description

Truwood XL is a water resistant laminate flooring that may be used throughout your home.  Truwood XL has the beautiful look and feel of real hardwood flooring and is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens as it can be wet mopped.  Our Truwood XL water resistant laminate flooring is available in six colours; Peruvian Oak, Nordic Oak, French Oak, Hungarian Oak, Moroccan Oak and Canadian Oak.

Room Suitability:

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About Truwood XL

Grade: AC5/33

Guarantee: Lifetime Domestic / 15 year Commercial

Core: High Density SureCore

Panel Size: 1830x238x12mm

Box Size: 1.74m²

Edges: V-Groove with Double PowerSeal

Box weight: 20kg

Lock: Tight Lock

Can be Wet Mopped

Super Wear and Scratch Resistance

Extra Stable with SureCore

Double PowerSeal edges for extra water resistance

Extra Tight lock

6 x Beautiful Hardwood décor s are available

TruWood XL is produced to the highest international standards.

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Product Description

Truwood XL with AtroGuard technology is the next generation of water resistant flooring. It was specifically developed to combine the natural wood element and rigidity of Laminate flooring with water resistance of Vinyl. Result is a truly multi-functional wood fibre floor. Perfect for any room of the home including Kitchens and Bathrooms.

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