8mm Inovar AC4 Class 32 V-Groove (WAXED)


Inovar AC4 Technical Specs-Anti-bacterial-2021

Floor Description

Classed for heavy residential and general commercial applications.

Room Suitability:

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Size of panel: 1216 x 196 x 8mm
Fit for use grading: AC4/W32
Heavy Domestic/General Commercial Grade
Average board Density greater than 880/890 kg/m3
Thickness swelling test less than 8%
Antibacterial and water-resistant
EN13329-2006 compliant with a lifetime guarantee against termites
Warranty: 25 years Heavy Domestic use / 5 years General Commercial use
Recommended coverage: 10 x 12 lin.m in length / width

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Product Description

Inovar floors are made from HDF (high density fibre board) with a wax impregnated core and waxed edges on the locking system. Making it highly water-resistant and has one of the lowest swell rate available in SA. Surfaced with Anti-abrasive protective overlay, for improved scratch, chip and dent resistance. Backed with a balancing film for dimensional stability.

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